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End compulsory worship in schools – petition

Though an increasing proportion of the UK population has no religious faith, or has a faith other than Christianity, children are still expected to participate in collective worship that is “broadly Christian” at their morning assemblies. Successive education ministers have said that they’d review the situation, yet done nothing about it. Now even the National Governors’ Association has said that a religious assembly every day should be scrapped because they are “meaningless”...

Great blasphemies

The BHA is sharing cartoons by Martin Rowson on the theme of blasphemy in the run-up to the World Humanist Congress next month. This one’s about Socrates. Tickets for the congress, beginning on 7th August, are sold out. Look out for YouTube videos of the speakers.


Caliphate? Get real!

The ISIS fighters in Iraq who’ve declared a new “caliphate” are ignoring history. Channel 4 News explains why it won’t work - “… their vision of a medieval-style religious state is based on false view of early Islamic history, according to experts.” Click here to read more. Harun al-Rashid (763 – 809) was Caliph in the 8th century. He was known as “the just”, and his reign coincided with the Islamic “Golden...

The Young Atheist’s Handbook in every Suffolk school

Copies of Alom Shaha’s book have been distributed to every secondary school in the country, including Suffolk schools, by the BHA. The book’s blurb says, This is a book for anyone who thinks about what they should believe and how they should live. It’s for those who may need the facts and the ideas, as well as the courage, to break free from inherited beliefs. In this powerful narrative, Alom...

New BHA videos

“How can I be happy?” is one of four short videos, narrated by Stephen Fry, released by the BHA to explain what Humanism is.

April newsletter – ready to download

Our Spring newsletter is ready for you to download. The contents include the AGM agenda, news of the BHA’s new videos, a report about John Collier from Population Matters at Café Scientifique, and the diary. Click here to down load your copy - 2014 April SH&S News (PDF).

Atheist blogger threats

The risks of being a freethinker where atheism is a capital offence

However much we may be annoyed by the activities of religious organisations in the UK, at least we’re free to express our opinions about religion and belief without fear of death, which isn’t the case for many atheists worldwide. Bob Churchill of the International Humanist & Ethical Union was interviewed on BBC World News about the Freethought Report, which showed the extent of discriminatiuon against atheists worldwide. The first report...

Coronation Street Humanist funeral

Coronation Street’s Humanist funeral

The TV funeral of Coronation Street character Hayley Cropper on Friday 31st January may bring back memories for the thousands of Suffolk and N E Essex families who’ve arranged something similar for a loved one. Since 1991, the Suffolk Humanist Ceremonies Team – David Mitchell from Pettaugh, Sue Hewlett from Stutton and Sophie Lovejoy from Brightlingsea – have helped Margaret Nelson from Elmsett, near Hadleigh, to meet increasing demand for...

Human rights

UN Celebration of Human Rights 2013 – Article 4

On 10th December we took part in the annual Celebration of Human Rights organised by the Ipswich UN Association. This year the theme was based upon Article 4 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. The meeting was hosted by the Ipswich Society of Friends (Quakers) at their meeting...