Arranging a funeral

These days most undertakers are familiar with  humanist funerals and so  should  be able to connect you with a local humanist celebrant.  However it is important that you let them know that you want  them to arrange a humanist funeral and not just a ‘non-religious’ one undertaken by an “Independent Celebrant” as these can be formulaic and may include hymns, prayers etc.  One way of checking is to ask if the celebrant is accredited by Humanists UK or you can find out for yourself via the humanists UK  website.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not a humanist funeral is appropriate a concise yet comprehensive book is “Funerals without God”  available from Humanists UK .  This explains what a humanist funeral involves and provides practical advice not just on  how to arrange one but even on how to conduct one yourself.

Finally, as there is no legal requirement to have a funeral celebration   it may be decided not to have a  formal funeral  at all.  “Unattended funerals” as these are known are often followed up with a memorial event.  Again the undertaker should be able to advise.