What is a ‘feed’?

You will see this web site has a small symbol on the right-hand side of the home page. If you click this little orange square you will be taken to a strange looking web page which looks like it has another version of our home page.

What’s all that about?

It’s really quite simple. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a system that allows you to ‘subscribe’ to a web site, so that you are automatically informed when that web site is updated. If you look at a lot of web sites for information, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with all of the updates – that’s where RSS comes in. You can choose to be notified when a web site is updated without having to go and check for yourself.

To use RSS, you need a news reader – a piece of software or a web page which you can add all of your ‘subscriptions’ to, and that will keep you informed if one of your favourite web sites is updated. Look at the section on RSS News Readers on this web page for links to some useful tools, as well as more information on RSS. Lots of web sites use it, including the BBC.

The easiest way to use RSS is if you use the Firefox web browser – look for the little symbol in the address bar of Firefox…

… click on the symbol, and add a Live Bookmark to your bookmarks folder, that will always be up to date with the latest headlines from our site.

Content syndication for your website

Registered users of the Suffolk Humanists site can read headlines from the BHA, NSS, IHEU and other websites, aggregated automatically every day. You can also grab our content if you wish – RSS feeds are available for every category and topic – feel free to include our content in your site.

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