Humanism in America

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  1. Bill Potts says:

    The issue of Human Interest (HAGSA’s newsletter) to which Margaret has provided a link is that of May 2006.

    Previously, we’ve made the current issue available only to those to whom we send the monthly notice of its availability. Starting with the September issue (available in the next day or two), we’ll make all issues, including the current one, available on the newsletter page of the HAGSA website. There’s a drop down list on that page, allowing you to choose any issue. Those who have been receiving the monthly notice of the availability of the latest issue will still do so.

    Like all newsletters, Human Interest contains much that is merely local. In our case, that includes news of members, meeting announcements and meeting reports. However, it contains articles of more universal interest, some of which relate to U.S. church/state issues and the current political situation. Some, of course, are more global in scope (e.g., book reviews).

    Bill Potts
    President, Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area

  2. Margaret Nelson says:

    Like the book by the way – Bushopedia, by Bill Potts, available in the UK from Planning to write a review when I’ve read a bit more.

  3. Bill Potts says:


    Until you write your review, those who are interested in finding out more about Bushopedia can simply go to the Bushopedia website.

    In addition to the nice things people have said about the book, it offers a tour of selccted entries. There’s also a blog.

    Oh, and thank you for buying a copy.

    Bill Potts
    President, Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area

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