Alan Johnson MP – The new Education Secretary

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3 Responses

  1. MarkAaron says:

    Alan Johnson’s profile’s (on the New Statesman, Wikipedia or the BBC websites) don’t appear to paint a picture of a man with any deep allegiance to a particular faith.
    Alan Johnson is proudly quoted (in his New Statesman profile), ‘I’ve read more Marx than Harold Wilson’; which to me suggests that his influences aren’t forged with any religious zeal.

  2. Margaret Nelson says:

    Thanks for that Mark. Hope you’re right, but why did he vote against the amendment?

  3. Nathan Nelson says:

    There’s any one of a number of reasons why he voted or didn’t vote a particular way I would think – it seems that the whole process of voting is as much as anything down to politics as opposed to conscience. With whips and protests and everything else, it’s a miracle if any MP ever gets to vote according to their personal instincts. Of course, that might all be nothing to do with it!

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