Achieving cohesion in Suffolk

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  1. Margaret Nelson says:

    Nathan and I were at this forum too and noted the irrelevance of religion to most of the discussion.

    It’s ridiculous that the Government is encouraging inter-faith dialogue while setting the parameters to exclude debate about faith schools, for example, or other contentious factors.

    A woman who’d made some quite sensible comments nevertheless got quite shirty about secularism, which she seemed to think means the same as anti-religious. It made me realise that we’ve got to raise awareness of the advantages of living in a secular society, and what this means. I’m going to donate a copy of A C Grayling‘s little book “Against All Gods” to the SIFRE library; it contains succinct definitions of atheism, naturalism (as opposed to supernaturalism), secularism and humanism. I’ll also suggest a Forum of Faiths on the subject of Secularism.

    The most interesting part of the discussion was towards the end, when Nathan asked what everyone felt about “Britishness”, as a celebration of our common values as citizens of a democratic secular society. Gordon Brown talked about it in a speech to the Fabian Society last year. I think the idea of celebrating Britishness is something we might support.

  2. Margaret Nelson says:

    I’ve suggested a Forum of Faiths on “Living in a Secular Society”, and the Capeys of SIFRE responded, “We love your idea for the Forum of Faiths and we will certainly be picking this up – We will get back to you on this.”

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