Nicholas Pandolfi of nearly little faith

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6 Responses

  1. Nathan Nelson says:

    Was the Ipswich Advertiser ever going to be a suitable forum for this kind of discussion? It’s like starting a conversation about existential philosophy in Auto Trader isn’t it?

    • Margaret Nelson says:

      They probably appreciated the increased mailbag. Shows someone’s using it for more than wrapping rubbish for the bin. (Sorry Nick!)

    • nicholaspandolfi says:

      The publication is seen across Suffolk(yes there is life outside Ipswich)
      Not much wrong with having a little of the common touch if you want to spread the word & your wings. Those of us that aim to walk a label free life have been known to chat with Guardian readers.

      I could have had my say in the local phone box but to what point.

  2. Don Tricker says:

    Nick’s heart is in the right place…

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