The Daily Mail says Evan Harris MP is “Dr Death”

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2 Responses

  1. etteridge says:

    “Zealous, obsessive, and self-righteous” is quite amusing coming, as it does, from The Daily Mail. I had no previous knowledge of Mr Harris but if his stance on these various issues upset The Mail (And it’s equally ugly cronie, The Express) then I think they should be worth listening to. It’s not a left wing/right wing thing as I would be as likely to read The Guardian as the Telegraph. The Mail clearly rejoices in it’s parochial views, claiming that they represent middle, honest,hard working (And presumably white) England.

    When faced with short sighted, outdated, ill informed prejudice we should all perhaps be a little more zealous, obsessive, and self-righteous in our pursuit of a better world for everyone.

  2. Margaret Nelson says:

    Though I sometimes wonder if Daily Mail journalists really think like that, or if they’re just good at pulling reactionary chains.

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