Cherie Blair says religion “is no excuse for inequality”

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  1. etteridge says:

    The Catholic Church said: “Cherie Blair’s assertion that women and men are equal human beings and deserving of equal respect is absolutely correct.” It added: “Reserving certain roles within the Church exclusively to men or exclusively to women in no way contradicts or conflicts with this principle.”

    Sounds like a bad case of double-talk to me and the implication therefore is that everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.Another untenable position to add to the list.

    Cherie Booth’s comments outline very well that God didn’t create man in his image. The overwhelming probability is that it was the other way round.

    All these Gods seem petty,vengeful,jealous and violent. Sounds quite male to me.

  2. Margaret Nelson says:

    Writing as a feminist (which all right-minded men should be) I’d have to say that pettiness, vengefulness, jealousy and violence aren’t exclusively male tendencies – it just seems that way because of the patriarchal lunacy that holds sway in many parts of the world. It’s debatable whether nature or nurture is responsible, but I think nurture can make all the difference.

    I agree that Catholics aren’t logical. “In no way conflicts”? Papist nonsense!

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