20 million pray in the UK, says Tearfund

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  1. etteridge says:

    “Prayer is a vital part of life for nearly half of UK adults”. Vital? VITAL?! That’s putting it pretty strongly I think.Is there not something rotten in the UK when half the adults consider that praying to something of which there is no evidence is ‘Vital’? Are these UK adults so powerless? So unable to exert influence over their own lives? I say they are not, they are just told they are by the fraudsters and charlatans who run religions.

    The human race is quite amazing, let’s have some confidence in ourselves.

  2. Margaret Nelson says:

    The National Secular Society’s response to the report:

    The Funds’ figures do not look so rosy if expressed as ‘Two in three people do not believe that God is watching over them and will answer their prayers; for those who pray – 62% do not think it makes them more peaceful and content, 70% do not find it makes them feel stronger, 79% do not feel reassured; and 81% do not feel happier.

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