BUY NOTHING DAY – Saturday November 24th 2007

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2 Responses

  1. etteridge says:

    This sounds a really good idea. With each festive period, I find there to be less and less attempt to cover up the consumerist gluttony. There isn’t even an attempt to disguise the fact that the whole operation is purely designed to relieve people from their money. Was it always like this? I don’t know. Did the ‘magic’ only come with my youth? Does the cynicism come with mere observation? I think Christmas was dealt a mortal blow when Eric Morcambe died.

    But anyway, let’s all not spend anything on this day and give Woolworths et al a fright. Of course you are quite often misunderstood when taking these actions. I, for example, try to limit the use of the central heating and domestic water here in number 1. I also shop for clothes only in charity shops. I do this for enviromental reasons. I am helping to save the planet.I am helping those with whom I share my part of the universe.

    Unfortunately, my wife misses this and says that I do these things because I am fantastically mean, not because I care about the planet.


  2. Margaret Nelson says:

    Just tell her you’re being frugal. It’s not the same as being mean.

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