Scrapping the blasphemy law

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  1. Margaret Nelson says:

    I’ve had a letter from my MP, Tim Yeo (Conservative), who wrote, “I share the view that these [blasphemy laws] are an anachronism and would have been prepared to vote for their abolition had the opportunity arisen.” I’ll write again to thank him and encourage him to vote for the hoped-for Government amendment.

    Other members have reported that their MPs didn’t respond to their emails, though one supporter (in Solihull) wrote, “I emailed my MP, Lorely Burt and she’s co-sponsoring the bill!”

  2. etteridge says:

    I received a letter from my MP this morning. Mr Blizard (Lab – Waveney) tells me that it “would be questionable for the government and parliament to take such a decision without even consulting the Church of England and other groups”. Being a mere mortal, I’m not really sure what this actually means but his tone seemed friendly enough and I guess this must point to some sort of progress.

    I think.

  3. Margaret Nelson says:

    One of our members, a constituent of John Gummer MP, has had the following reply to a letter about the blasphemy amendment:

    Thank you for emailing me regarding Evan Harris’ (sic) amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill which would have abolished the offences of blasphemy and blasphemous libel. I must say that I have often found Dr Harris to be a most intolerant man, although, in the event, Dr Harris did not call for the matter to go to a vote as he accepted the Government’s assurances that the issue would be brought before the House at a later date when more time can be given to discussing it. I do feel that it is important in our society that we take care not to ridicule or attack other people’s faith and beliefs. We should acknowledge in our tolerant society that causing pain to others should not be our aim and we should take care not to do so. However, it is equally important that those actions are not banned or made illegal. Tolerance is all about putting up with statements and activities with which one thoroughly disapproves. rather than accepting those which cause little or no reaction. In any future debates and voting on this matter this opinion will inform my actions. Please do
    write again if can be of any further assistance to you in the future.

    I’m not sure if my informant told Mr Gummer that he was a Humanist; we know that JG takes a very dim view of Humanism, similar to his opinion of Dr Harris.

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