Correspondence with a Creationist

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4 Responses

  1. crabsallover says:

    Excellent piece. I’ve blogged it here:

    Maybe I’ll meet you at the BHA AGM on Saturday?

    Chris Street
    Dorset Humanists / HASSERS

  2. Margaret Nelson says:

    I’ve been bashing it against the proverbial brick wall.

  3. neil.a.coyle says:

    The evolutionary theory that life just evolved from nothing,life from non life ,apart from being amost bizzare idea is basically a hypothesis that can never be tested.
    Therefore adherence to it is an act of faith.
    Richard Dawkins calls people who take this line Rational.Actually there is nothing rational about it.It is simply materialist.
    There are many rational scientists and cosmologists who consider the universe unreasonably suited to the existence of life.As Fred Hoyle put it “a commonsense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintendent has monkeyed with the physics”

  4. Margaret Nelson says:

    So how do you test the creation then?

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