The Atheist Bus Campaign raises over £55,000 in less than 24 hours

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  1. Margaret Nelson says:

    12.15 Thursday 23 October – Current total £83,720.00. Message on the BHA site reads: “Money has been pouring in all night from the USA, Australia, South America, Europe and even Muslim counties.” Read about press coverage, etc. on the Atheist Campaign website.

    Some critics, including “humanists” who think people ought to donate the money to charity instead, don’t seem to have thought that the people who’ve donated are likely to donate to charity as well. The huge response has been a reaction to religious proselytising, and many feel, as I did, “At last!”

  2. Ommadawn says:

    Bookmakers Paddy Power started to take bets on proof of the existence of ‘God’ being found around the time of the Large Hadron Collider being switched on in September 2008.

    The recent media interest in the Athiest Bus Campaign seems to have prompted a new flurry of betting amongst the believers.

    The odds are now down to 4-1!

    “A spokesman for Paddy Power said that confirmation of God’s existence would have to be verified by scientists and given by an independent authority before any payouts were made, however.”

  3. Margaret Nelson says:

    How do you define “God”?

    • Ommadawn says:

      “However you want to” is the feeling I get from most religious folk!
      With people this eager to part with their cash I wonder if I’m in the wrong profession!
      Think of all the money that could be ploughed into something actually worthwhile!

  4. Margaret Nelson says:

    From comments on the BHA website members’ forum, I get the impression that many people seem to think that the atheist bus campaign was a BHA initiative. It wasn’t, so I wrote:

    It’s possible that some BHA members may still not be aware of how the bus adverts happened. The money didn’t come from the BHA; it came from thousands of people who contributed via the Just Giving website, mostly small amounts. Some may have been BHA members; the majority were not. Some have joined the BHA; many have not. The largest donation didn’t come from Richard Dawkins, who originally offered £5,500 if the campaign could match it. The BHA’s status as a charity conveniently enabled it to use the Just Giving website for fund-raising, which may have created the impression that it had initiated the campaign.It didn’t; Ariane Sherine did. She’s an unfailingly cheerful person who’s given a huge amount of time to promoting the campaign, without payment, while working as a writer – an exhausting business. So please, can we give Ariane and Jon Worth (who’s behind the campaign website) and Graham Nunn, who designed the ads, their share of the credit? It’s a large share.

    If the BHA plans any sort of follow-up campaign, I seriously doubt it would ever achieve the momentum or the effect that the bus campaign did. It all happened quite spontaneously; a phenomenon that’s unlikely to be repeated.

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