The Atheist Bus stops at BBC Essex

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2 Responses

  1. Ommadawn says:

    I notice the “offended” listener seemed quite happy to complain that religious people would be offended by the suggestion that there is no god, and yet did not seem so bothered when challenged with the suggestion that the non-religious may be offended by religious propaganda.

    Apparently there’s more religious people out there so they win!
    Not the strongest argument I’ve ever heard I have to say.

    • Nathan Nelson says:

      This assumption that the religious outnumber the non-religious is not one I have any time for. It’s the same arrogance that leads to people making comments about ‘people of faith’, meaning any faith no matter how primitive or barmy, and not mentioning people of no faith.

      This implies that if you are religious you automatically join a club where even as a Muslim, the Archbishop of Canterbury could speak up for you. The guy on the radio was funny. He was essentially saying “all these people are religious so there is therefore a God”. A lot of people used to believe the world was flat, didn’t make it so.

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