Atheist bus ads

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  1. Margaret Nelson says:

    One of the comments on the Guardian’s Comment is Free website, in response to Ariane’s piece, is:

    “Silly atheists. It’s like a teenager rebelling against his parents. God made you and he can take you out. So you ahead and campaign, but realize there will be consequences.”

    It made me laugh.

  2. Nathan says:

    A video accompanies the CiF piece mentioned above which includes a useful summary of how the Atheist Bus thing came about.

  3. Margaret Nelson says:

    It’s hysterically funny. Stephen Green of Christian Voice, who caused so much trouble over ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera’, has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the Atheist bus ads, on grounds of ‘truthfulness’ and ‘substantiation’, suggesting that there is not ‘a shred of supporting evidence’ that there is probably no god. When the ads were first mentioned, Green said that people wouldn’t like being preached at. And all with a perfectly straight face.

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