An inclusive presidency?

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  1. Nathan says:

    I didn’t expect that much different, did anybody? I was almost surprised that he mentioned non-believers. It’s not like the whole thing would have been without any mention of religion at all. People commented about Twitter that it was pathetic that atheists were so chuffed at the mention of non-believers in the speech. No it wasn’t, it was fine. This was ceremony, pomp, and Obama and his speechwriters understand their audience if they understand anything. What’s worse, giving atheists a small bone in a ceremony otherwise laden with religious overtones or all the bleating that the god-botherers would be doing if they’d left out the religion altogether?

    What also seemed obvious was that religion was important from the point of view of holding out an olive branch to the Muslim World, wherever that is. Hey, we’re all into the same abrahamic fairytale, let’s be friends.

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