How the Daily Mail got it wrong

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  1. Margaret Nelson says:

    The page on the Mail’s website referred to above is no longer available. They appear to have been persuaded that they’re wrong.

  2. Margaret Nelson says:

    Hanne, CEO of the BHA, wrote to the BHA as follows:

    “How cash meant for promoting faith is going to an organisation that campaigns AGAINST Christianity” (Mail) misrepresented the British Humanist Association.

    Grants from the relevant fund were explicitly forbidden from being used to ‘promote faith’. They were intended to help groups representing religion or belief to engage with government.

    ‘Religion or belief’ in English law includes non-religious beliefs like Humanism. The non-religious are one in three of the population but we got less than 0.2% of the £13.3 million fund – and we used it to create a network to represent Humanism with local government – not to campaign against Christianity.

    The £35,000 grant from the Equality And Human Rights Commission wasn’t “to promote secularism” but to increase understanding in local government that laws against ‘religion or belief’ discrimination cover the non-religious as well.

    If some Christians resent losing privileges so that others don’t suffer discrimination, that’s understandable but it doesn’t mean the BHA is campaigning “against Christianity”.

    Hanne Stinson, British Humanist Association

    We assume that the letter was published in full but haven’t seen a print copy.

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