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  1. Linn Barringer says:

    Margaret, it is not only North Suffolk. Down here in southeast Suffolk (Woodbridge, to be precise) we have “Street Pastors” prowling and proselytising. Or maybe not.

    Their website says they are “looking out for and providing help and support to vulnerable people.” Well, that doesn’t sound too proselytic, does it?

    But reading further, I find the quite astounding revelation, of which they are doubtless very proud; “While the pastors are on the street they are backed up by a prayer team located close to the centre of town. The pastors are in radio and mobile contact with the prayer team, enabling prayer for any people and situations they come in contact with…”

    To be honest, I really did nearly fall off my chair. “Breaker, breaker 1-9, we got a problem. We need a prayer here, fast.” I could not help an image forming in my mind – a drunken youth trying to press his unwanted advances on a worse-for-drink young lady and the pastors solve this by a quick mobile phone call to the prayer team who leap into prayerful action.
    Yeah, that’ll sort that out. No problem.

    Sorry, (probably) good intentions, weak execution.

    And I do have to have a sneaking suspicion that the intention might not be that transparent and open, either.
    I have no evidence, of course, but I think they just might proselytise. Just a little bit. Given half a chance…

    P.S. their website says there are more of them around the county, too.

  2. Linn Barringer says:

    Oh, now I’ve only just read your follow-up about public funding being removed.
    Bravo, bravo, bravo!
    It’s good to see these rule-makers having their own rules stuffed up their proverbial.

    • Margaret says:

      The funding was removed in Bath, not here. To achieve the same thing here would require some council tax payer/s to object to their council and the police. How about it?

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