Warning: Evangelists at Costa Coffee

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  1. Margaret says:

    From today’s Newsline:

    Following our story in last week’s Newsline about the incursion of a Baptist Church into High Street coffee chains, we have been informed by Gloria Jean’s Coffees that, after a change in ownership, it is no longer participating in the scheme. Gloria Jean’s has only three shops — in the British Midlands — although it has branches in forty countries.

    The only supporter of the Cafe Church scheme is Costa Coffee which, according to Cafe Church, now permits 50 of its shops to be used by the Baptist scheme as churches.

  2. Margaret says:

    Received today:

    Thank you for your email and your feedback.

    We do appreciate your concerns but these very popular events usually happen after normal closing time hours and are open to cafechurch members. This ensures  there is no disruption for our regular customers and everyone can enjoy some relaxation time with a great cup of Costa coffee.

    Café Church is one of many local community organisations that Costa works in partnership with. Costa is supporting the Cafechurch Network by welcoming its groups to use suitable Costa stores in the UK for meetings.

    The point with this partnership is that it’s one of many community groups that Costa is engaged with.

    Despite your present feelings I do hope we can continue to welcome you to Costa.

    Yours sincerely

    Guest Relations Costa

    So it seems it is safe to visit Costa Coffee, after all.

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