7 days to listen to the Creationism debate on Radio Suffolk

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  1. Linn Barringer says:

    They can discuss it all they want and I don’t see a problem in discussing it among those who don’t believe, either, but I would strongly object to my kids, or grandchildren now, discussing it in SCIENCE. No more logical than discussing it in history lessons. Creationism is not science; it’s not fact. It’s not even “theory” in the same way that evolution is a theory. They don’t seem to see that it is exactly as Margaret said in the radio prog., simply a primitive way of explaining the inexplicable.

    Evolution, and the big bang theory both have evidence to support them. Creationism is quite simply ridiculous – it just couldn’t have happened that way, it was just a very primitive way of explaining how it might have happened, that has subsequently been proven wrong.

    And even evolution and big bang don’t answer the question “what was here before that?” and “is there a supernatural being who controls all this?” I don’t know why god-believers don’t use the argument that yeah, OK, the old testament was wrong in some details but even the big bang was caused by the almighty, and he created the conditions for life to begin. I’m not suggesting that that’s sensible because I don’t believe in holy ghosts but if I wanted to believe in an almighty god, then I think I could find a way to make him/her still responsible for everything.

    P.S. Poor Mark. When I was in Dorset I got an imprint of a millions-of-years old creature in the sole of my shoe. I didn’t have to be there millions of years ago for that to happen.

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