Bad news on academies

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  1. Margaret says:

    Tim Yeo, MP for South Suffolk, responded to my letter about the Academies Bill –

    Letter from Yeo

  2. Alan Henness says:

    I have a few issues with Yeo’s second paragraph about parents’ right to choose the education for their children, but I just love the use of ‘Therefore’ at the start of the third as if he’s making some logical deduction from the previous one! It’s a complete non sequitur.

    It’s a moot point whether it’s up to the State to fund all such education.

  3. Margaret says:

    You didn’t really expect any, did you?

  4. Lisa Anderson says:

    Dear Ms Anderson
    Thank you for contacting me about the Academies Bill and please accept my apologies for the delay in replying. As you will understand the volume of emails and post is considerable but we do endeavour to respond as soon as we can.
    I appreciate your concerns about the impact of the Academies Programme on the current education system. Parental choice is one of the driving forces behind our policies which is why my colleague the Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP, the Education Secretary, announced the introduction of the Free Schools Programme, which will see the creation of thousands of new places and would allow good new schools to open in precisely those areas where parents are currently being denied a proper choice.
    I feel that parents should be free to raise their children within a religious tradition, and they should also be free to choose a school which reflects that belief. Whilst I believe that we do need to work towards creating a more integrated society, we must do so whilst recognising parents’ legitimate freedom to decide upon the type of education their children receive.
    I would like to assure you that the legislation will not lead to religious discrimination against pupils through school admissions. Any outstanding school which currently admits pupils, or a portion of pupils based on faith will be able to retain those arrangements. There will be no difference from the current admissions policy. Likewise, any school which currently has a religious designation will be able to retain it.
    All new Academies will also be subject to the curriculum requirements for independent schools prescribed under Section 157 of the Education Act and they will be subject to external inspections in the normal way. Religious discrimination is an issue that the Government takes very seriously and I will continue to follow this issue closely.
    Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.
    Bernard Jenkin MP (Harwich and North Essex )

    020 7219 4029

  5. Margaret says:

    They just don’t get it, do they?

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