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Posted by Margaret on Monday, Mar 7, 2011

No religion

Most people will have received their census forms in today’s post. You might think that theres a supernatural side to life, or that there is a god of some kind, but if organised religion isnt for you, how you answer the religion question is important.

Please help to ensure that the census gives an accurate and honest picture of the religious/non-religious balance of the UK. Dont ignore the question and leave it blank, or you wont count.

The 2001 census results were used to justify more faith schools and religious broadcasting, unelected religious leaders being involved in political decisions, 26 bishops in the House of Lords, public services being contracted out to religious organisations, and continuing special privileges for the church. Many people dont want these things. If that includes you, tick “No religion” – but not before 27 March, Census Day.

Don’t write “humanist”, or “atheist” or anything else at the bottom of the list – they’re not religions. All you need to do is tick the “No religion” box.

[Click here for some leaflets to distribute]( leaflet 2011.pdf “Census leaflet”) (pdf)

[Click here for an A4 poster]( poster 2011.pdf “Census poster”) (pdf)

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