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Prof A C Graylings rewritten the Bible

Posted by Margaret on Tuesday, Apr 5, 2011

A C GraylingProfessor Anthony Grayling, soon to be the President of the British Humanist Association, has rewritten the Bible, without all the nasty bits (there are a lot of them). Matthew Adams from New Humanist has interviewed him about his “lifetime’s work”. Grayling says,

The way I made it was to plunder from the great traditions texts on which I had performed redaction, weaving them together, editing them, interpolating other texts and sometimes my own, just as the Bible makers worked on their texts. It was tremendous fun.

If you decide to buy it, why not use our Amazon link? That way, we get some commission.

Postscript: The Daily Mash says the new book’s “an impossible fairy story”.

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