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Humanists welcome Queens praise for persecuted gay atheist

Posted by Margaret on Saturday, Jul 23, 2011

From George Broadhead of the Pink Triangle Trust, news of the Queen’s visit to Bletchley Park, where she praised the work of Alan Turing and those who worked with him. The IHEU reports:

Humanists have warmly welcomed the Queen of Englands praise for the gay atheist Alan Turing, whose work breaking German codes played a crucial role in World War II. The creator of the modern computer, Turing received little recognition for his work during his life, which ended when he committed suicide after he was convicted of a homosexual act and forced to undergo chemical castration.

On July 15, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh unveiled a monument to commemorate the contribution made by code breakers, based at Bletchley Park in the British midlands, to the victory over Nazi Germany. In her speech the Queen said it was “impossible to overstate” the sense of gratitude to people who worked at Bletchley Park. [It] became the centre of a world-wide web of intelligence communications, spanning the Commonwealth and further afield. This was the place of geniuses such as Alan Turing.

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