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Steiner schools repudiate their founders racist beliefs to get state funding

Posted by Margaret on Thursday, Aug 4, 2011

Francis Gilbert of the Local Schools Network reports that those who want to open Steiner schools at public expense through Gove’s free school system are keen to “repudiate” their racist roots.

They present themselves today as trendy, progressive schools who welcome parents with alternative views. However, what they keep well hidden is their loony mystical beliefs. Steiner founded a philosophy called Anthroposophy, a sort of mystical mish-mash of ideas which includes the concept that the human race are evolving through the different races, with black people being of childhood, Asians degenerate and white people, of course, being the apogee of the evolutionary tree. Many Anthroposophists teach at Steiner schools today and certainly form the bulk of their teacher trainers and greatly admire Steiner.

Today, the Department for Education and Skills is interviewing the people who want to open such a school in Frome. If they get the go-ahead it will give the green light to others, inclduing the people who want a Steiner school in Suffolk. We’ll be talking about this at our September meeting.

For more about this, see our previous post.

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