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URGENT ACTION send a message to the Commonwealth leaders today

Posted by Margaret on Friday, Oct 28, 2011

Commonwealth leaders are meeting in Perth, Australia. You may have read about this in news stories about a change to the constitution that will allow the daughters of any future UK monarch to have an equal right to the throne. This was agreed unanimously. However, there is another issue that’s just as important, of not more so. 

Kamalesh Sharma, Secretary General of the Commonwealth, has made a courageous speech calling on each of the Commonwealth nations to finally end discrimination and criminalization of LGBT people. Meanwhile, some within the Commonwealth are working hard to silence Sharma and others. Please sign this petition (and forward it to your friends) so that we can achoeve at least 30,000 signatures within 48 hours.

Almost 80 countries around the world make it a crime to be gay, lesbian, bi or transgender. In 10 of those nations, you can be sentenced to death or life behind bars. The majority of these nations share a connection – they are members of the Commonwealth.

Click here to sign now.

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