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Posted by Margaret on Friday, Dec 2, 2011

Some of the stuff you could have found for yourselves, if you’d wanted to (that’s what Google is for), but I saved you the bother, OK?

Sam Scott Perry was on Channel 4’s, where he opined that men and dinosaurs were alive at the same time, and that Creationism should be taught in schools. Whoever taught Sam didn’t do a very good job. His science isn’t up to much.

Distrust is the central motivating factor behind why religious people dislike atheists, according to a new study led by University of British Columbia psychologists. They must imagine that all atheists are up to no good. There are untrustworthy atheists and there are religious people I’d trust no further than I could throw them (if it wasn’t for my bad back), but there’s no more reason to mistrust one than the other.

Comedian Kate Smurthwaite would probably confirm all the religionists’ suspicions. She was on the BBC’s Sunday morning programme, The Big Questions, a while ago, where she upset the religious members of the audience by suggesting that they were idiots.

On Twitter, Kate says she’s now known as “that atheist bitchslap woman”.

The National Secular Society agreed a Secular Charter at its recent AGM that sets out some campaigning principles. They begin, “There shall be no established state religion”.

When Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, was asked to write the opening monologue to the new series in 1966, it took several goes to get it right. Eventually, he came up with “Space: the final frontier…” Roddenberry was a Humanist – to find out more, use the search box (right).

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