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New book about Suffolk people, their faiths and beliefs, including Humanism

Posted by Margaret on Sunday, Dec 14, 2014

Personal reflections on life, faith and belief.

We’ve been affiliated to the Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource (SIFRE) since its inception in 1991, at about the same time that our group was founded. Among other things, it’s allowed us to contribute to educational activities in the county, in schools and other statutory and voluntary bodies, including local government. An off-shoot of SIFRE became the East of England Faiths Agency, which provides speakers for all of these organisations, and members of our group have been SIFRE and EEFA tutors.

SIFRE has published three books about the various faiths and beliefs in our area, including Humanism, and a board game called Diversity, which is used to teach people about faiths and beliefs. This latest publication, Sharing our Stories, is a collection of personal reflections about life from a diverse group of people. Some will make you smile and some are very moving, such as anaccount of growing up as a Jew in Nazi Germany. Four members of Suffolk Humanists and Secularists have contributed their stories, including Derek Mason, whose typically succinct reflection was read at his funeral last year.

We recommend that you put aside any prejudices you might have about religion and religious people, and buy the book. This is about how people live their lives, their experiences, their families and their communities. The book is 10, plus 3 P&P. Click here to go to the SIFRE website and order it. If you prefer to borrow a copy, we will be buying one to add to our small library.

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