Science and information websites

Here are some links to interesting, informative and essential websites related to science, evolution, and debunking myths.

James Randi Educational Foundation
Debunking myths, investigating the paranormal.

Talk Origins
An excellent resource on evolution, particularly recommended is the list of creationist claims and responses.

The Skeptic’s Dictionary
Resources of everything from alternative medicine to critical thinking.

Jerry Coyne
A leading expert in the origin of the species.

Richard Dawkins
The UK’s greatest flag-waver for secularism and scientific understanding of our origins… and

The Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason And Science
Squarely aimed at rescuing US-based atheists from the ‘faith-heads’, and providing discussion and supporting material for his latest book, The God Delusion.

A comprehensive user-edited encyclopedia.

Atheist Resource
A  comprehensive UK-based web resource for atheists and Humanists. Recommended.

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