Media websites

This page features links to various online media resources of interest, including audio, video, and podcasts. Podcasts are downloadable audio programmes usually including music and discussion, and are often updated on a regular basis, like a radio show.

Team Video
Click on the ‘religious education’ link to see more information on the ‘Why Atheism’ DVD for schools, including ceremonies conducted by SH’s Margaret Nelson, and interviews with students from Kesgrave High School.

Humanist Network News
A regular podcast from the Institute for Humanist Studies

Freethought Multimedia
An excellent repository of freethought multimedia from Richard Dawkins, James Randi, Michael Shermer and more, including more Podcasts to load up your iPod with freethought goodness.

Infidel Guy
A regular podcast/radio show from the Infidel Guy, featuring interviews and discussion with various free thinkers.

Contact us with any other recommendations.