Author: Margaret

Sarah Palin – remember her?

Palin prizeMs Palin is the winner of the 2008 Bad Faith Award, nominated for “Being an election and a heart attack away from controlling the world’s largest thermonuclear arsenal while simultaneously believing that the End Times may arrive during her lifetime.”

An inclusive presidency?

ObamaBarackEncouragingly, US President Barrack Obama’s inaugural speech included the words, “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus – and non-believers.” The IHEU reports, “This is believed to be a first for a United States President.”

Launch of the atheist buses in London

Graham Nunn‘s video of the bus launch on 6th January, with Ariane Sherine, Hanne Stinson, A C Grayling, Richard Dawkins and Graham Lineham. Graham Nunn wrote, “The footage is a bit shaky at times, for which I apologise, but it was very cold and I couldn’t stop shivering.” How did Ariane manage to speak without her teeth chattering, in a skimpy T-shirt?

Missing the point

On Saturday I conducted a Humanist wedding and a naming at a local Unitarian Meeting House, a wonderful venue at which we are always made most welcome. After the ceremony some people came up to me and said they’d enjoyed the whole thing so much they were going to start coming every Sunday!