Author: Nathan

Sustainable Development – Hope or Hoax?

Jules PrettySuffolk Humanists at the Friends’ Meeting House, Colchester, on 16th February 2006. Report of a talk by Jules Pretty, FRSA, FIBiol, Professor of Environment & Society at the University of Essex, by Peter Davidson

Professor Pretty’s talk was on sustainable development. He began by focusing on the general theme of human development, then assessing what the world looks like now, and trying to get a balance about how things might change, not only over a long period of time, but over the next forty years or so. In his view, there are some crises, such as oil shortages and rising sea levels, that are current or imminent, and that must be addressed as a matter of urgency, regardless of arguments over whether the cause is human behaviour.

We’re all monkeys

ChimpanzeeThe battle for hearts and minds between creationism and Darwinian evolution theory goes on and on. And on.

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution offers an explanation for the development of modern man, and all life on Earth, over millions of years, by a process of natural selection and mutation. Creationism suggests that, essentially, the world and everything therein was created in between six days and ten thousand years, by God.

Scientists, academics and clerics are all getting involved in the argument as to which is the definitive explanation for the development of life on Earth. The argument is raging on as it has been for years, and it looks like it shows no sign of slowing.

What are the basics of Darwinian evolution theory? What are the creationists’ main arguments, and why is creationism dangerous?