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An inclusive presidency?

ObamaBarackEncouragingly, US President Barrack Obama’s inaugural speech included the words, “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus – and non-believers.” The IHEU reports, “This is believed to be a first for a United States President.”

Missing the point

On Saturday I conducted a Humanist wedding and a naming at a local Unitarian Meeting House, a wonderful venue at which we are always made most welcome. After the ceremony some people came up to me and said they’d enjoyed the whole thing so much they were going to start coming every Sunday!

Catch an atheist bus?

There are some atheist ads on buses from the Eastern Counties garage in Norwich that cross the border into Suffolk. Haven’t yet worked out where all these places are (apart from Bungay) but you might see one if you live near …

Darwin Day greetings card

Happy Darwin Day 2Send your family and friends (especially the scientifically confused ones) this Darwin Day greetings card for the 12th February. Spread the word about how wonderful evolution is. It’s designed to be printed on A4 and folded in four, as a notelet. It’s free!

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Atheist bus ads

Bus launchAtheist ads can now be seen on buses in London and across the UK, thanks to the hugely successful campaign launched by the Guardian’s Comment is Free writer, Ariane Sherine. They read, “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”. Originally, Ariane appealed for £5,500 to place ads on London buses to counter nasty Christian messages, Prof Richard Dawkins pledged his support, the BHA took on the organisation through the Just Giving website, and the whole thing took off. Donations streamed in from across the UK and abroad, eventually totalling over £135,000 (and rising).

Humanist handout

Got family or friends who’d like to know more about Humanism? Know anywhere you could leave some leaflets about Humanism? This double-sided sheet gives a brief introduction to Humanism, encouraging the reader to find out more.

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Can we be cautiously optimistic?

Happy New YearThe atheist buses will be on the streets this month, challenging lazy assumptions and encouraging people to be open about their skepticism.

Obama takes over in the White House, thrown in the deep end with the economic crisis and the Israelis to deal with, but hopefully better at the job than Bush (no one could be worse, surely).

The economic downturn might prompt people to live more frugally, which will be good for the planet, and might encourage environmentally-friendly innovations.

Humanist Roy Brown attended the 60th anniversary celebration of the Declaration of Human Rights, “expecting to be appalled in equal measure by the extravagance of the surroundings and the hypocrisy of the speeches, but I left both moved and inspired.” Could attempts by Islamic states to set the clock back be thwarted?

We can influence events in 2009 with positive action. You might be surprised by what we can achieve.

Happy New Year!