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Ipswich Community Radio launches on 105.7fm

ICR has short term licences that enable it to provide opportunities for local groups and individuals to learn about broadcasting. They showcase local talent at a variety of events. We’ve been on ICR in previous years!

Choices for climate change –pain or pleasure

Veronica Broomes is the guest speaker at the UN Association’s AGM at The Friends’ Meeting House, 39 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich.

Veronica Broomes works as a freelance consultant on sustainability and environmental issues. With a background in agricultural biotechnology research and as an environmental impact assessment practitioner, Veronica has been a sound grasp of the importance of sustainable development and implications of climate change on lives and livelihoods. This enables her to explain issues simply –whether it’s conducting environmental audits for businesses, promoting awareness of recycling and sustainability among community groups or discussing research findings and their implications for twenty-first century businesses.

Community cohesion?

We’ve received the following email from the BHA:

The Commission on Integration and Cohesion (COIC) was set up by the Government to make recommendations as to how ‘local areas can make the most of diversity while being able to respond to the tensions it may cause’. They are now very close to making their final report and have asked members of the public to inform their last minute deliberations by contributing their own answers to the question, ‘If you were in charge for a day, what would you do to help people from different backgrounds in your neighbourhood get on better?’

MPs to get copies of The God Delusion

Every MP in the country is to receive a copy of Richard Dawkins’ latest book The God Delusion following a grassroots effort by humanists who want to challenge state privileges given to religious groups.

Sea of Faith Roadshow – Does God need re-inventing?

Opinions on the Sea of Faith vary widely in Humanist and Secularist circles. For an explanation of what they're about, see their website. They're concerned with what will replace institutional religion as interest in it declines. The SoF Roadshow will be at the Quaker Meeting House, 39 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich, IP1 3JH. The cost is £8, including a vegetarian lunch, tea and coffee. Speakers are Don Cupitt, fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and Stephen Mitchell, a Suffolk Parish Priest and founder member of SoF. To book, contact David Barklem, 01473 780041, [email protected] Places are limited, so make haste.


Regret this site admin and author-in-chief had an accident resulting in hospitalisation and severe restrictions to my mobility, which is why things have gone a bit quiet. However, my ankle may be broken but my typing fingers aren’t, so aim to start writing again ASAP.

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