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The creationism in schools debate on BBC Radio Suffolk

I was on BBC Radio Suffolk today, talking about the MORI poll that shows 54% of Britons think creationism & ID should be taught in school science lessons.

You can listen again via the website. It’s on the James Hazell programme, from about 10.10am. The other contributor was Prof. Michael Reiss, who resigned from his role as the Royal Society’s director of Education over the issue.

Listen to the phone-in after the interviews.

Tonight on Radio 4 – And Another Thing

Tonight on Radio 4, the first part of ‘And Another Thing’, Eoin Colfer’s sequel to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Read by Stephen Mangan, with Peter Serafinowicz. If you miss it, you’ll be able to listen via i-Player.

We’ve written about Douglas Adams elsewhere on this site. Apparently, Colfer’s sequel has been approved by Adams’ widow, and it sounds as though Douglas might have approved. Review tomorrow, probably.

Soul music on Radio 4

StraussIn case you didn’t hear it, I was on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Soul Music’ yesterday, talking about a piece of music by Richard Strauss from Four Last Songs. I was introduced to it by a funeral client.

You can listen again on the BBC’s i-player for the next week or so, or it’s repeated on Saturday at 3.30pm. Be warned; several people have said it made them cry, so have a tissue handy.

Terry Sanderson: The BBC’s director-general holds non-believers in contempt

Although the headlines majored on the BBC’s fearful relationship with Islam, there was another point hidden in the BBC director general’s speech to the Theos Christian thinktank this week, and it is just as disturbing.

Those of us who have wondered why there is such a ridiculous excess of religion on the BBC now have the answer. It is because Mark Thompson, an enthusiastic Catholic, wants it. Thompson is a great proselytiser for his faith in the mould of Lord Reith, who thought the BBC was “the nation’s church”. And, of course, the BBC gives him a very big pulpit to preach from – one that reaches into just about every home in the country, and which we all have to pay for.

Terry Sanderson: The BBC’s director-general holds non-believers in contempt | Comment is free |

BBC Radio 4 – Big Bang Day – 10 September

CERNRadio 4 joins CERN on 10 September 2008 as scientists attempt to discover more about the origins of the Universe by recreating the aftermath of the Big Bang. The experiment is one of the most complex and significant of modern times – and one that raises a lot of questions!

Darwin Day Thought for the Day

This was supposed to be broadcast on BBC Radio Suffolk on 12 February 2008, after being recorded. I didn’t hear it, so I’m not sure if anyone else did.

DarwinToday is Darwin Day, the 199th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, the man who first described biological evolution via natural selection. On Darwin Day we celebrate the enormous benefits that scientific knowledge, acquired through human curiosity and ingenuity, has contributed to the advancement of humanity, and in particular we celebrate the achievements of a great man.

If he were alive today, I‘m sure Darwin would be fascinated by the current BBC TV series, Life in Cold Blood, with Sir David Attenborough, some of which was filmed on the Galapagos Isles, where he made the discoveries that sowed the seeds of doubt about the conventional biblical explanation for the origin of life.

Votes for Women

Thought for the Day, BBC Radio Suffolk, Saturday 2 February 2008

Millicent FawcettThirty-odd years ago, I met a suffragette. She’d known the Pankhursts – Emmeline and her daughter Christabel, who led the Women’s Social & Political Union, popularly known as suffragettes. Although Mrs Birnberg was an old woman when I met her, she still felt as strongly about women’s rights as she’d ever done and was scornful about the young women who didn’t use the vote that she and other women had fought for. I thought about her when, during election campaigns here in Suffolk, women would say they couldn’t be bothered to go and vote.