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God’s Warriors

If you have Sky TV, you should be able to see a CNN 3–part TV documentary called God’s Warriors starting at 8pm on Wednesday 22 August, narrated by CNN’s chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour.

The preview by Sloan Freer in The Observer says:

The trouble with Islam

A few words from comedian Pat Condell (NSS member) about Muslims who are “almost permanently offended about something or other”. You’ll need broadband and a media player to view the video. 

Is it extreme to defend free speech?

Dr Evan HarrisDr Evan Harris (MP and NSS Honorary Associate) asks a reasonable question about people who are not at all reasonable.

When is a liberal like me an extremist? When, in the words of Asghar Bukhari, chairman of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, I defend the right of Salman Rushdie to offend the likes of Mr Bukhari – and defend the Government for knighting the novelist. At least that was what Mr Bukhari screeched at me in a televised rant recently.

Peter Tatchell attacked in Moscow – please write and complain

Tatchellvan“I’m not deterred one iota from coming back to protest in Moscow,” Peter Tatchell told from Moscow, just hours after he was attacked by suspected neo-Nazis and then arrested by the Russian riot police the OMON. “Gay Russians need overseas support to protect them against state and neo-Nazi violence.”

Peter Tatchell speaks out after his violent Moscow assault- from Pink News- all the latest gay news from the gay community – Pink News.

A Muslim community?

Since the story about the alleged kidnap plot by “terrorists” broke today, BBC news has been dominated by it. Reporters have been interviewing people in the Alum Rock and Sparkbrook areas of Birmingham where the arrests were made. The “Muslim community” is in the news again, with indignant young men protesting that the “community” ought to have been consulted before any arrests were made. Of course!

Jesus Camp

Be afraid… be very afraid.

If you can’t see the video above, see the film website.

According to an interviewee in this trailer, there are two kinds of people in the world… people who love Jesus, and people who don’t. The co-ordinators of the ‘Kids on Fire’ evangelical summer camp, who insist that “we have the truth”, want to see Christian children as radicalised as the Muslim children with grenades strapped to their bodies – assuming that all children are, or should be, radicalised in the first place. There is no third way mentioned – presumably the atheists and Humanists of this world fit in to the category of people who don’t love Jesus, and therefore are considered enemies, their children lost. The children in this film are described as born again, one boy saying he was ‘saved’ at the age of five. Apparently it’s never too early to start saving souls.

Evangelical Christians plead for Israel

A week into one of the most severe crises the Middle East has seen in years, Israel is getting an influx of support from an unusual source. More than 3,400 evangelical Christians have arrived in Washington to lobby lawmakers as part of the first annual summit of Christians United for Israel.

Link: BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Evangelical Christians plead for Israel

The pastor of the 18,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, is John Hagee, “a long-time fervent supporter of Israel.” 

In common with many American evangelicals, he believes that God gave the land to the Jewish people and that Christians have a Biblical duty to support it and the Jews. His latest book, Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World, interprets the Bible to predict that Russian and Arab armies will invade Israel and be destroyed by God. This will set up a confrontation over Israel between China and the West, led by the anti-Christ, who will be the head of the European Union, Pastor Hagee writes. That final battle between East and West – at Armageddon, an actual place in Israel – will precipitate the second coming of Christ, he concludes.