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Steiner schools “repudiate” their founder’s racist beliefs to get state funding

Francis Gilbert of the Local Schools Network reports that those who want to open Steiner schools at public expense through Gove’s free school system are keen to “repudiate” their racist roots.

They present themselves today as trendy, progressive schools who welcome parents with alternative views. However, what they keep well hidden is their loony mystical beliefs. Steiner founded a philosophy called “Anthroposophy”, a sort of mystical mish-mash of ideas which includes the concept that the human race are “evolving” through the different races, with black people being “of childhood”, Asians “degenerate” and white people, of course, being the apogee of the evolutionary tree. Many Anthroposophists teach at Steiner schools today — and certainly form the bulk of their teacher trainers — and greatly admire Steiner.

Today, the Department for Education and Skills is interviewing the people who want to open such a school in Frome. If they get the go-ahead it will give the green light to others, inclduing the people who want a Steiner school in Suffolk. We’ll be talking about this at our September meeting.

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More on the proposed “ecology” free school based on Steiner principles

Fullfledge logoSince our post on the proposed Fullfledge free school in Suffolk, our supporter and correspondent Esther Fidler has met some of the people who plan to set up this school, and has blogged about their lack of qualifications or credible objectives. On the influence of Steiner’s ideas and the responses she got to her questions, Esther wrote,

I began to get the impression that knowledge, unless gained specifically from a (possibly unqualified) class teacher was not encouraged; the idea of a mystical, esoteric belief system based upon reincarnation and karma being the foundation of a school which does not encourage finding out information through books, TV or the internet was beginning to make me feel distinctly uncomfortable. 

Humanists welcome Queen’s praise for persecuted gay atheist

From George Broadhead of the Pink Triangle Trust, news of the Queen’s visit to Bletchley Park, where she praised the work of Alan Turing and those who worked with him. The IHEU reports:

Humanists have warmly welcomed the Queen of England’s praise for the gay atheist Alan Turing, whose work breaking German codes played a crucial role in World War II. The creator of the modern computer, Turing received little recognition for his work during his life, which ended when he committed suicide after he was convicted of a homosexual act and forced to undergo chemical castration.

Seven Hills Crematorium Open Day

7 Hills logoSeven Hills Crematorium on Felixstowe Road, Nacton is holding a ”Dispelling the myths” and Cream Tea Event in support of The Treehouse Appeal. The crematorium will throw open its doors with access all areas for the public. Entrance will be free but Cream and High Teas will be on sale and served in the garden.

Reinventing the toilet

We take our toilets for granted. Most people think that we owe our modern flushing WC to Thomas Crapper, but it seems that Sir John Harrington first had the idea in the 16th century. Now here we are, in the 21st century, where four out of ten people worldwide don’t have access to a toilet. Our webmaster, Nathan, is rather preoccupied with them as he’s currently involved with a scheme to provide latrines in Ghanaian villages. He found this video. The next time you go for a poo, be grateful that you have a nice, clean flushing toilet.

The Beckhams’ babies

David and Victoria Beckham have been criticised for setting a bad example by having a fourth child, as the world’s population is due to reach 7 billion. It’s unlikely that the Beckhams have considered whether the size of their family is anyone’s business but their own. Affluent parents who choose to have more than one or two children are likely to take exception to any criticism, perhaps feeling that if they can afford it, why shouldn’t they have a large family? In his speech at the Royal Society of Arts in March this year, Sir David Attenborough, patron of Population Matters, explains why population control should no longer be a taboo subject.

David Attenborough Talk on Population by populationmatters


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