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On disestablishment

In the Independent, Adrian Hamilton writes,

… this Easter week, I can’t help feeling more than ever that the Church of England will not survive my children’s lifetime and quite possibly not even my own.

He opines that the C of E may do better if it severs its ties with the state. We’d like disestablishment too, wouldn’t we?

New group committee

At its AGM last week, the Suffolk Humanist & Secularist group failed to elect a new chairperson, as no one wanted the job. It was agreed that a chairperson would be nominated from the attendees at each meeting, while the committee would take it in turns to chair their meetings.

The new committee consists of Denis Johnston (secretary), John Mellis (treasurer), John Palmer, Tom Boles, Colleen Nunn, Michael Imison, Tom Boles, Sue Hewlett and Peter Davidson. This is the largest committee that the group has ever had.

Martin Rees

As to Martin Rees accepting the Templeton prize, it’s rather like the Pope accepting the secularist of the year award.

Humanist Week

Humanist Week includes World Humanist Day (21st June, the summer solstice). We’re still working on our plans for this year, Watch this space.

Monthly meeting – guest speaker Prof. John Midwinter on climate change

Prof. John Midwinter (BSc & PhD in Physics, Hon. DSc, Fellow of the Royal Society) will address the following questions:

  • What is the truth about climate change? (the scientific evidence)
  • What are the implications for us?
  • How can we reduce our personal fossil fuel consumption?
  • What are the possibilities for large scale renewable energy in the UK?
  • Tipping points – the real worry behind the climate change debate.


Monthly meeting – The River Stour Past and Present

A short illustrated talk by our member Andrew Sheldon on the history of the River Stour from its source to the sea. Places of interest along the way from times gone by and the present day, including important brickwork’s, battle grounds and structures.

Monthly meeting – Read any good books lately?

You’re invited to bring recommended reading to the meeting. Fiction or non-fiction, prose or poetry, science or art, funny or serious – whatever you’ve enjoyed, come and be prepared to tell us about it. Note that if you decide to buy any of the books, there’s an Amazon link on our website – we get commission if you use it.