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Emitos Girls Humanist Football Team, Uganda, needs money

Emitos Girls Humanist Football Club is a really special project running in Uganda. Supported by Women and the Free World Organisation (WOFEWO), the aim of the club is to empower and educate girls aged 12-20 years through football. The Central London Humanist Group is aiming to raise £3,700 for football kits, the costs of playing away and for 3 Workshops on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS through the International Humanist Trust, the charitable arm of the IHEU. Click here to donate now.

One Law for All London rally, November 21.

Maryam NamazieA message from Maryam Namazie of the One Law for All campaign about the rally on November 21:

I am now responding to Sharia-related comments and questions every day of the week until the One Law for All rally on November 21. You can see my responses for the past two weeks by visiting the One Law for All website. If you have any questions or comments, please email them to me or post them on the website and I’ll be sure to respond.

Also, don’t forget to tell everyone you know about November 21. It is an important day to raise our voices against Sharia and religious laws and defend humanity, secularism and universal rights, including the right to asylum for those fleeing political Islam. If you can’t get to London and want to organise something in your city, contact us so we can help you do so. Click here for more information on the London rally.

Do storks bring babies?

If we are going to teach ‘creation science’ as an alternative to evolution, then we should also teach the stork theory as an alternative to biological reproduction.

The creationism in schools debate on BBC Radio Suffolk

I was on BBC Radio Suffolk today, talking about the MORI poll that shows 54% of Britons think creationism & ID should be taught in school science lessons.

You can listen again via the website. It’s on the James Hazell programme, from about 10.10am. The other contributor was Prof. Michael Reiss, who resigned from his role as the Royal Society’s director of Education over the issue.

Listen to the phone-in after the interviews.

54% of Britons need remedial science education

54% of Britons think creationism and intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution in school science lessons, according to a MORI poll commissioned by the British Council, which suggests that those 54% didn’t pay much attention to their own science lessons, or weren’t taught well.

If the school curriculum was determined by parental choice, ignorance would be perpetuated ad infinitum.