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Myth-busting with Dawkins

RainbowRichard Dawkins has struck a book deal with Transworld, part of the Random House group, with a title aimed at teenagers, due out in autumn 2011:

Aimed at the adult and young adult market, the book addresses big questions about the natural world, including What is a Rainbow? Why are there Seasons? and Who Was the First Man and the First Woman? Each question is answered first by myth and legend, and then by lucid scientific explanation.

East meets West – National Inter-Faith Week in Suffolk

A Humanist will be among a group of Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource people on the 1st floor at Hadleigh Library to play the board game Diversity. Come and learn about some of the faiths practiced in Suffolk.

Suffolk Humanists & Secularists is affiliated to SIFRE.

Hadleigh Library

On the corner of Duke Street and the High Street. Nearest car park – Magdalen Road.

Who’d have thought it? Christians “offended” by a bus.

Iowa Bus adYou’ll find it hard to believe (I know I did), but Iowan Christians have been offended. By a bus. Yes! I know!

My thanks to Ariane Sherine for this snippet of shocking news.

Incidentally, today is the first anniversary of the launch of the Atheist Bus Campaign, which one of our members says was “The most positive defining moment of my life.” Ah!

Mass lobby of parliament for vulnerable women on 4th November

Amnesty lobbyWomen with insecure immigration status fleeing violence cannot access the benefits they need to get protection and support. Due to their extreme vulnerability, immediate action is needed; the UK is in breach of its international human rights obligations while this situation persists.

Amnesty UK is organising a mass lobby of parliament on Wednesday November 4th to urge the UK government to ensure equal protection for all women facing violence in the UK. It’s hoped that hundreds of people will go to the House of Commons to raise the same concern with their MPs at the same time.

To find out more, go to the Amnesty website.

No. 10’s response to e-petition on evolution in the primary school

The Prime Minister’s Office has responded to an e-petition that read:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to include the teaching of evolution by natural selection in the new national primary curriculum.

Details of Petition:

Scientists are agreed that all today’s living organisms have evolved over millions of years from simpler organisms. This evolution is best explained by Darwin’s theory of natural selection and its subsequent refinement. Natural selection is the most powerful tool for understanding living things. The current draft curriculum includes living things but omits evolution and natural selection. These ideas are needed to lay a foundation for later studies and to help children see their place in the living world and the universe.