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East Anglian sceptics

Cath Elliott has written a piece for the Guardian’s Comment is Free website about a Theos survey on faith and Darwin, which indicates that East Anglia is “full of atheists”.

So far from being the Sodom and Gomorrah that religious folk would no doubt have the godless east pegged as, according to the latest British Crime Survey (pdf), “The East of England region had the lowest rates of overall recorded crime and violence against the person and amongst the lowest rates of burglary and offences against vehicles.

Atheist, Humanist & Secular Student Societies

After our dismal failure to excite any of the students at University Campus Suffolk about a secular students’ society (we haven’t given up though), and the reports of science students who won’t accept evolution, it’s heartening to hear that there’s still some freethinking on British campuses. Hurrah for the AHS! Read about it in The Independent.

It’s official: religion has been debunked!

The following was posted on Facebook by Laurence Boyce of Cambridge (a member of the NSS and the Liberal Democrats), in response to the accusation from pro-religion people that he’s “a bigot” elsewhere on the Internet. Laurence wrote that one of his accusers had asked him …

… to justify my sweeping assertion that the claims of religion have largely been debunked by science and philosophy … determined to answer everyone’s points (though nobody much was answering mine), I put together a little series of notes which I now collect here for future reference. Not to be taken too seriously – a bit like religion itself, I suppose!

With his permission, I’m sharing Laurence’s notes. Religious people of an easily-offended disposition are asked to read carefully, and learn.

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