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Don’t label children – the billboard campaign

Don't label me

After the Atheist Bus Campaign, people have been asking, “What next?” Now you have an answer; the Billboard Campaign.

Richard Dawkins famously said that there are no Catholic babies, or Protestant babies, or Muslim babies, or Hindu babies – they are all just babies. In the Observer in December 2001 he wrote,

Where we might have said, “Knowing his father, I expect young Cowdrey will take up cricket,” we emphatically do not say, “With her devout Catholic parents, I expect young Bernadette will take up Catholicism.” Instead we say, without a moment’s hesitation or qualm of misgiving, “Bernadette is a Catholic.” We state it as a simple fact even when she is far too young to have developed a theological opinion of her own.

Who’d have thought it? Christians “offended” by a bus.

Iowa Bus adYou’ll find it hard to believe (I know I did), but Iowan Christians have been offended. By a bus. Yes! I know!

My thanks to Ariane Sherine for this snippet of shocking news.

Incidentally, today is the first anniversary of the launch of the Atheist Bus Campaign, which one of our members says was “The most positive defining moment of my life.” Ah!

That atheist bus gets everywhere

SIFRE programmeI was amused to get the latest Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource (SIFRE) programme in today’s post, with a picture of the atheist bus to illustrate Humanism.

We’re affiliated to SIFRE – it means that we’re included in all sorts of consultations and educational programmes that we’d otherwise miss.