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Are Christians being persecuted? I don’t think so.

Late on Easter Day, BBC One aired a programme that asked, “Are Christians being persecuted?” (you have 6 days left to view it on i-Player). Presenter Nicky Campbell (of the Big Questions, Sunday’s God-slot programme), implied that they are. There was no attempt to present a balanced report. Instead, we got the usual aggrieved BA crucifix wearer and nurse who was sacked for offering to pray for a patient – anecdotal “evidence” of people being mean to Christians. They introduced Polly Toynbee as “President of the National Secular Society”, not the BHA, which was typical of the sloppy approach.

Jonathan Bartley of Ekklesia has blogged a fair assessment of the programme. I’ve complained to the BBC. Maybe you might do the same?

The church is complaining again, but fewer people care

The church has been complaining again, this time about the BBC’s religious programming. There’s not enough of it, they say, or it’s not the right sort. The Bishop of Manchester, the Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch, says,

There is also a danger of the ‘David Attenborough’ effect: religion always reported from the point of view of an observer of a fascinating and increasingly rare species, rather than explored as something of fundamental importance to the vast majority of the country.

BBC Trust says no to non-religious Thoughts for the Day

The BBC Trust today announced its findings on a number of appeals about the broadcast of Radio 4’s Thought for the Day and BBC editorial policy on non-religious content.

The Trust found that the editorial policy of only allowing religious contributors to participate on Thought for the Day does not breach either the BBC Editorial Guideline on impartiality or the BBC’s duty to reflect religious and other beliefs in its programming.

Soul music on Radio 4

StraussIn case you didn’t hear it, I was on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Soul Music’ yesterday, talking about a piece of music by Richard Strauss from Four Last Songs. I was introduced to it by a funeral client.

You can listen again on the BBC’s i-player for the next week or so, or it’s repeated on Saturday at 3.30pm. Be warned; several people have said it made them cry, so have a tissue handy.