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Are you ready?

Rapture billboard

I hope you haven’t made any plans for the end of October onwards, because we’re all going to fry, apparently, on the 21st October. The world will be destroyed by fire, say those who hope to be “God’s elect people”, but they’re not expecting to be here after the 21st of this month, when The Rapture happens and they’re all swept up into heaven to leave us unbelievers behind.

The end of the world is nigh, or maybe not

Thanks to Catherine Bennett, I’ve learned a new ‘ology – eschatology, literally the study of the last. So, if there’s an eschatology, there must be eschatologists, right? Gosh, they must be fun in the pub. “Oh, hello, what do you do?” “I study the end of the world.” Pause. “Really? How does that happen?” “Well, the dead could be resurrected, or the Devil could be set free, or adultery and fornication will be performed in the open, or …” “Where’s my drink?”