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An introduction to the Copenhagen Consensus 2008

There are so many worldwide problems – how do we prioritise them? A group of eminent economists tried to work out a plan…

Imagine that you are Bill Gates. Not to daydream about what to buy with a $58 billion fortune, but to consider how, like the Microsoft entrepreneur, you might give much of it away.

What a waste: Britain throws away £10bn of food every year – The Independent

RottenGlobal food shortages, soaring prices and alarm over the environment. But every day, Britain throws away 220,000 loaves of bread, 1.6m bananas, 550,000 chickens, 5.1m potatoes, 660,000 eggs, 1.2m sausages and 1.3m yoghurts

A new study has exposed the staggering amount of food thrown away every day by the British public, calculating that the annual total of wasted products adds up to a record £10bn.

Darwin Day Thought for the Day

This was supposed to be broadcast on BBC Radio Suffolk on 12 February 2008, after being recorded. I didn’t hear it, so I’m not sure if anyone else did.

DarwinToday is Darwin Day, the 199th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, the man who first described biological evolution via natural selection. On Darwin Day we celebrate the enormous benefits that scientific knowledge, acquired through human curiosity and ingenuity, has contributed to the advancement of humanity, and in particular we celebrate the achievements of a great man.

If he were alive today, I‘m sure Darwin would be fascinated by the current BBC TV series, Life in Cold Blood, with Sir David Attenborough, some of which was filmed on the Galapagos Isles, where he made the discoveries that sowed the seeds of doubt about the conventional biblical explanation for the origin of life.

Adopt-a-flower for your ethical Valentine

If you’re the romantic type and want to give flowers to your beloved on Valentine’s Day, consider an alternative to expensive flowers flown from abroad and do your bit for conservation by adopting a British wild flower on his or her behalf.

BUY NOTHING DAY – Saturday November 24th 2007

Saturday November 24h 2007 is Buy Nothing Day (UK), It’s a day where you challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into life. The rules are simple, for 24 hours you will detox from consumerism and live without shopping. Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!

BUY NOTHING DAY – Saturday November 24th 2007.

Demonic possession, John Gummer doesn’t hate anyone, plastic bags, and the planet

In case you thought we were fixated on religion, this post was going to be about ethical issues unrelated to religion, but there’s one story about bishops that I couldn’t resist, from New Humanist magazine. Stephen Bates used to be the Guardian’s religious affairs correspondent, but now he’s had enough.

Now I am moving on. It was time to go. What faith I had, I’ve lost, I am afraid – I’ve seen too much, too close. A young Methodist press officer once asked me earnestly whether I saw it as my job to spread the Good News of Jesus. No, I said, that’s the last thing I am here to do.

Nobel-prizewinner Gore’s “nine errors”

Former US-President Al Gore has won a Nobel prize for his Climate Change work, but presumably this won’t impress Dover school governor Stewart Dimmock, who tried to ban the film from being shown in schools. He didn’t succeed but a judge ruled that, if shown in schools, the film must be accompanied with guidance “giving the other side of the argument”, which will gladden the hearts of climate change deniers everywhere.

The melting slopes of Everest

Up to 40,000 Sherpas who live at the base of the Himalayas face devastation if vast new lakes formed by the melted ice burst and send a torrent of millions of tons of water down the slopes.