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Our “Good Life Without Religion” website attracts 1000s of visitors

A good life without religion websiteOur new single-page website, A Good Life Without Religion, went live at the beginning of September to coincide with the distribution of our car stickers to members and others. So far, it’s been viewed 29,928 times. Many of the visitors may have come through search engines, some through our online publicity. The site is designed as an introduction to humanism for anyone who’s disillusioned with religion, or simply looking for like-minded people. It should appeal to anyone, anywhere. The language is simple, designed to be accessible to people of all ages, from early teens upwards. There’s a set of frequently asked questions, such as “What’s the purpose of life, if you don’t believe in an afterlife?”. It was a Suffolk Humanists & Secularists’ initiative, but it may lead to any humanist or secularist group, through the links.

We suggest that you add the URL to your email signature and any other humanist and/or secularist publicity.