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Urgent action – juveniles to be executed in Iran

An urgent message from the IHEU:

Behnoud Shojaee and Akram Mahdavi are scheduled to be executed in Evin prison this Sunday October 11, 2009, which falls one day after the International Day Against Execution.

They were under 18 when they committed the crimes they’ve been sentenced for. Please read the IHEU report and act now.

Polly Toynbee, Iran’s enemy

Polly ToynbeeBHA President Polly Toynbee has been cited in the official Iranian media as “One of the great conspirators who wants to overthrow the Islamic regime,” according to a contributor to the BBC’s Dateline London yesterday.

Polly said this is probably because of her presidency of the BHA, “… and we tend to attack all religions.”

You have 6 days to see the programme using BBC i-Player.

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Cat in a box

I’ve been trying to declutter. Amongst other things, I’ve been adding more and more tabs to my browser, thinking, “Oh, I’ll include that in a news update on our site,” and it’s got to the stage where I really, really have to clear up all the clutter. So here you are.

If you remember that we were concerned about the possibility of Holywells High School in Ipswich being taken over by the Church of England, then things went very quiet, there’s been a development. The secretary of state for children, schools and families has approved the county’s plan to turn Holywells into an academy, with Kunskapsskolan, the largest provider of secondary education in Sweden, to be a “preferred partner”. Sounds interesting…