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Help defend Leo Igwe

Leo IgweIHEU is seeking donations to its Human Rights Defense Fund to help cover legal fees for Leo Igwe, IHEU’s Representative in West Africa. Mr. Igwe and members of his family have been subjected to a sustained campaign of harassment by local police involving multiple arrests on unsubstantiated charges since he began a campaign to bring to justice a powerful local man accused of raping a ten year old girl.

Read more here and please donate if you can.

Leo Igwe arrested in Nigeria – HumanistLife

HumanistLife, the BHA’s new website, offers a varied selection of stories. Bob Churchill from the BHA says,

The aim is that www.HumanistLife.org.uk will become a major node for expression and discussion of issues close to Humanism on the web.

We want to provide a space where our members and supporters, affiliated humanist groups, staff and Distinguished Supporters can build a content-rich, quality site, giving many humanist and other perspectives on current affairs, society, science and culture, as well as philosophical, artistic, Leo Igwevideo-based and other contributions. We want to bring together everyone who shares our broad worldview to present a bold, diverse vision of modern Humanism: its interests, its concerns and its inspirations.

One of the latest reports is about the courageous Nigerian Humanist, Leo Igwe, whose campaign against the “witch-hunters” who target defenceless children, and other human rights violations, have attracted threats against his life.

Postscript: Today (5th January), Leo Igwe was arrested in Nigeria.