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The week on the web

It’s the end of the week again, so it is surely time to postpone whatever it was you were planning on doing and spend the rest of your day getting nicely relaxed for the weekend. If you’re at work we obviously don’t advise misappropriation of company resources to fuel your own amusement when you should be working, but… well, actually we do. Go on. So here’s a summary of some of the best content we’ve found on the web this week… click read more below to find out about the strange religious things people find in their food, blasphemous cartoons, and health warnings for bibles.

Jesus – The Musical and more

Jesus – The Musical and moreJesus – The Musical and more

It’s the weekend, so it’s time for the near-weekly roundup of the stimulating and the stupid on the Interweb.

“Intellectual infancy”: the phrase reminds one that religions survive mainly because they brainwash the young. Three-quarters of Church of England schools are primary schools; all the faiths currently jostling for our tax money to run their “faith-based” schools know that if they do not proselytise intellectually defenceless three and four-year-olds, their grip will eventually loosen.
AC Grayling

As if to prove my point in an earlier post about religion and what a stink it always kicks up, AC Grayling’s excellent piece on the Guardian’s Comment is free blog has attracted much comment. Grayling tackles the oft-used criticism levelled at atheists of being fundamentalists akin to the kind that blow up restaurants, a barking mad angry bunch who would have religion wiped off the face of the Earth and replace it with some kind of Stalinist hell. Henry444 comments “Excellent article AC, but you’re wasting your time – I don’t think that it’s possible to have a rational discussion about these things with religous types.” – quite true maybe, but 135 more people still have a go.

Speaking of discussion, we are looking to further develop fora for discussion on this website (thank you Mark for your e-mail), and would appreciate any suggestions you have – see our poll!

Weekend weblinks

It’s time for some more of the best content available on the web at the moment – if you have any recommendations, let us know. This week, video and podcast highlights – a TV time warp, the banana as the atheist’s nightmare, and what is a podcast anyway? Broadband recommended.

Links for your Friday

Science vs NorseThis Friday in Suffolk, the sun is shining determinedly through the clouds, the end of the week is here, and all is well in the world. Here are some weblinks to assist you in wasting the rest of your Friday away. Friday afternoons weren’t meant for work, after all. So here are a few items to enjoy – Norse mythology, atheism as a cult, Star Trek’s new voyages in spandex, and Noel Edmonds places an order with the Cosmic Ordering Service.